National Honesty Day


At Input 1, National Honesty Day is Every Day

April 30th is National Honesty Day, and while it's not a very well-known "holiday," at Input 1, honesty is synonymous with integrity, one of our core values. Honesty and integrity are ways of representing ourselves to the world in the best possible way we can. However, it's not merely about telling the truth. More importantly, it's about being honest with yourself and those around you about who you are, what you want, and what you need to be the realest version of you. This kind of core value promotes understanding, while empowering and enabling ourselves to build consistency in our relationships with others - both inside and outside of Input 1. When integrity, compassion and respect have taken hold in a person's character, there's no longer a need to try to be honest; honesty just exists within that individual. Such a quality is vital to the character of the people who choose to work with Input 1. The extra step we take, though, beyond truth telling, is out desire to be authentic, genuine. Circumstances may arise where a bit of sugarcoating can soften a blow, or something that needs to be said without bending the truth can be done eloquently and genially. And sometimes, you just need to tell it like it is. All of which are forms of honesty with authenticity behind them. The only thing to be sure of is to not tell it like it isn't.

When honest relationships are fostered, it continues to engender confidence, and faith in one another. Someone's trust in another is a beautiful gift and it must be cherished and protected. The company you keep and surround yourselves with help to define your outlook in life so be sure they share the same value of honesty and integrity as you do. Our work environment is one that rewards excellence, not egos, with knowledge, flexibility and constant self-evaluation as the drivers of our success. That all starts and ends with having foundations of honesty in all our relationships - with one another and with our clients. We're always looking to add talented people to our team who share our company values, so please visit us to see if we would be a good fit with one another.