Premium Finance as a Service (PFaaS)

A Turn-Key Solution for Your Premium Finance Company

The Premium Finance as a Service (PFaaS) solution delivers an instant infrastructure for companies looking to gain knowledge and assistance in running their premium finance business.

Input 1's PFaaS solution is used by insurance companies, managing general agents (MGAs), retail agents, independent investors, existing premium finance companies, and financial entities such as banks and credit unions throughout North America.

  • Customer Service
  • Accounting
  • Business Services
  • Technology

Quoting (New and AP Quotes)


New and Renewal Loan Processing

Remittance Processing


Remittance Processing


Daily Proof of Cash

File Transfers


Optional Unaudited Financial Statement Preparation

Notice Generation and Delivery

Statutory Notices/Correspondence

Management Level Reporting

Online Client-Branded Portals for All Parties

Automatic System Updates Every 30 Days

Hosted On a Tier 1 SaaS Platform

Key Benefits of the Premium Finance as a Service Solution

By partnering with Input 1, companies can focus on growing their premium finance business rather than delving into the challenges of day-to-day operations.

Rapid Deployment

Our clients can focus on growing their business. Input 1 delivers a proven turn-key, configurable, and client-branded infrastructure.

Modern Technology

Input 1's technology platform is the most widely-used and trusted premium finance software in North America.

Cost Control

Companies experience significant savings by not having to deal with operational logistics such as staffing, compliance, real estate, supplies, and equipment.

Customer Experience

Input 1 makes substantial investments in educating our team members to ensure a rich and fulfilling customer experience for your agents and policyholders.

Proven Expertise

For over 35 years, Input 1 has engaged with hundreds of clients in the management of their premium finance business. We provide sound consultation which translates to success.

Nationwide Licensing

Input 1 has a compliance and licensing team to help you obtain licenses in any state where one is required to conduct the premium finance business.

$16 Billion annual insurance premiums managed across platforms

35+ Years delivering proven technology and services

2+ Million unique annual users

The Input 1 Premium Finance as a Service Guide

Operating a premium finance company has never been simpler.

Unlock an additional profit source with a turn-key solution. This Premium Finance as Service guide will walk you through how to successfully run a premium finance business without worrying about the logistical challenges of day-to-day business operations.

Download our Premium Finance as a Service guide and discover how easy it can be to start and or operate a premium finance company.