Digital Billing Services and Payment Solutions

Expanding core/legacy systems to improve customer engagements, market agility, and operating efficiency



Input 1


Since 1984, Input 1 LLC has been a leading provider of a billing and payments service to the insurance industry. Our focus is on the billing and payment collection of property and casualty insurance premiums.  Through our leading-edge technology and domestic customer care, we provide comprehensive solutions and customizable automated receivable management tools for insurance carriers, general agents, and banks – which can be integrated into virtually any core system. 

Our intuitive, client-facing services such as a multi-policy single bill, online bill presentment, online payments, and payment reminders via email and text, making us a reliable resource for business solutions. More than one million agents, brokers, and policyholders experience our services every day. With over 30 years of consistent growth and a knowledgeable group of professionals devoted to the success of our customers, Input 1 provides stability and scalability for the long run – a true partner for accelerated growth.

Our Mission

To LEAD by holding our products, services, and our team members to a much higher standard. As a result, we empower our clients, improve their customer engagement, drive business growth, and help them reach new levels of customer satisfaction.


To EDUCATE because intelligent customers make successful customers. The more we help our partners with their businesses the more successful they become - and it is our privilege to grow with them. We dedicate ourselves to sharing our expertise so you can make the most out of your business.


To INNOVATE so your company stays ahead of the technological curve and always has access to advancements in payment compliance and cloud technologies. By supplying incomparable data reporting tools, our clients can make informed decisions about their business.

Our Values

Adhering to our core values is paramount. It strengthens and drives our resolve to provide products and services that shatter expectations. At Input 1, we believe in simplicity and to do what comes naturally.


• Integrity: We value personal honesty and integrity.


• Respect: We value the attribute of treating coworkers, customers, and vendors with respect and dignity.


• Flexibility: We value the notion that adapting to change is important and necessary, even if it comes more frequently than we would like.


• Compassion: We value the importance of caring about the welfare of our customers.


• Self Evaluation: We value the need to proactively identify our shortcomings and remedy them before they become problems.


• Knowledge: We value the need to always have a strong grasp of the details.