About Input 1

About Input 1


Since 1984

Input 1 has been the leading provider of digital billing services and payment solutions to the insurance industry.

Our entire focus is on modernizing the entire premium collection lifecycle with a one-of-a-kind digital billing and payments platform that has created greater operational efficiency and higher profit margins for every one of our clients.

Input 1's solutions are used by over 125+ companies and thousands of insurance agents in North America, while our system help manage over 1 million policyholders annually. Input 1 is unique because we use the very software we license to the marketplace. In fact, our client-branded operations center handles well over 250,000 accounts per year, representing over half a billion in property and casualty premiums.

We have a 100% implementation success rate, and we are proud to have the reputation of providing our client partners with unequaled capability and know-how in the insurance marketplace.

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We deliver. 100% of the time, on schedule.


Input 1's insurance billing and payments expertise means insurance companies, MGAs and agencies can count on us to deliver the best solutions exactly as they intended.

We are committed to continous advancements of our technologies and service offerings. Our solutions can integrate with any core system at a fraction of the time and cost of in-house operations.

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