Insurance Payment Solutions

Here's why you should consider Input 1 Payments as part of your digital transformation.

  Integrated payment portal with zero interruptions

  No implementation fees, licensing fees or maintenance fees

  Accepts all payment types: debit, credit, and e-check/ACH payments, paper check

  Seamless integration with your policy administration/agency management system


Input 1 Payments was built for insurance companies, MGAs, and agents of all types. Expand your existing system OR implement on a stand-alone basis with no integration required.
Input 1 Payments delivers a secure, reliable, and easy-to-use solution for accepting insurance payments from, or paying insurance claims to your policyholders.
In concert with billing, making payments is the most common touchpoint customers have with you. We help you make these contact points count. Enhance your customers' experience by providing them with flexible payment methods and a user-friendly platform that makes insurance payments easy.



Policyholder payments are secure
and stay out of your network.



Give your customers control over their payments. Input 1 Payments provides a fast and easy payments journey across all channels.




Reconciling payments can be a daunting task. With Input 1 Payments you will save valuable time and resources by receiving an automatic data file daily containing all details of payments made through the platform. You don't have to log in and you don't have to request it.




Input 1 also offers scalable third-party billing services that can manage the entire billing cycle.  Improve your customer engagements, achieve market agility, and enhance your operating efficiency.




Customers want the freedom of choice. Provide your customers with the ability to make their premium payments when and in the method they choose - using a fast, secure, and intuitive interface.  
Policyholders can make payments via credit card, debit card, ACH, paper check or in person.
Input 1 Payments can plugin seamlessly with your existing infrastructure or it can be utilized as a stand-alone application.
Input 1 is fully PCI-DSS compliant. We also undergo annual SOC 1 and 2 Level II audits to ensure that your confidential information, and the personally identifiable information of your customers is protected. Furthermore, we remove your risk exposure by keeping sensitive information out of your network. 



1One fast integration is all it takes. We work with your IT department or your core solution provider to build a single API call. If you can't integrate, you don't have to. You can still use Input 1 Payments!


2When a payment is due, your customer is presented with a payment screen.  This can be displayed either within your system or in a separate window portal managed by Input 1. 


3Your customer enters their information into the payment screen and the data is captured and stored outside your network. Input 1 takes the payment from the customer and transfers funds to you.






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