Todd Greenbaum

President, CEO

Todd is a UCLA graduate with a degree in Business and Economics and joined Input 1 in June of 1984 shortly after its inception. Between 1984 and 1989, Todd designed the original receivable tracking system that is the backbone of Input 1's portfolio servicing. In January of 1990, Todd became the President of Input 1 and one year later took on the additional post of Chief Executive Officer.

Under Todd's guidance, Input 1 has been propelled from a small firm of 5, servicing $10 million in annual insurance premiums for a handful of institutional entities in California, to one with more than 120 employees, servicing over $450 million in annual premiums and providing complete software solutions for over 120 companies from Hawaii to the Eastern Caribbean. He is a dynamic leader with a progressive view of our industry.  He's dedicated to the ongoing refinement and expansion of Input 1's technology offerings and their complete implementation into the workplace. 

Jeff Greenbaum

Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer

Jeff joined Input 1 in November of 1990. He received his education at the California State University Northridge. Jeff's education focused on business administration with an emphasis on information systems. Upon Jeff's arrival at Input 1, the firm had just started licensing its software systems. Jeff immediately took over the enhancement of the core systems and began the implementation and design of new systems. In 1995, Jeff assumed the role of Vice President. In 1997, Jeff took on the additional role of Chief Information Officer and in 1999 he was promoted to Senior Vice President. Jeff currently heads up a team of 10 developers and technicians that support our global software operations.

Chris Farfaras

Executive Vice President and Chief Sales and Marketing Officer

Chris joined the executive group in April of 1999. Prior to Input 1, Chris held the position of Vice President of National Accounts for one of the nation's largest premium finance companies where he was responsible for developing and managing a brand new Western Division for the firm. Chris has been involved in selling and marketing premium financing since 1994. With a unique understanding of both the sales and operational aspects of a premium finance business, he has helped Input 1 achieve growth within all segments of our business. He's also authored numerous articles on premium financing which have appeared in well-respected insurance trade publications. Chris graduated from Central Connecticut State University. Chris resides in the Santa Rosa Valley area of Southern California with his wife and two children.

Ewa Maj

Executive Vice President and Chief Operations Officer

Ewa (whose full name is pronounced "Ava My") joined Input 1 in November of 1999 as Vice President of Operations. Ewa, originally from Crakow, Poland, was educated in Poland, England, and in the United States. Ewa graduated Rutgers University School of Business Magna Cum Laude with a degree in Finance. Ewa has spent more than 10 years in the insurance and premium financing industries and prior to joining Input 1 she was the Chief Operating Officer of two large multi-state premium finance companies in the northeast United States. She's responsible for Input 1's rapidly expanding third party administration programs, and oversees more than 90 employees that service over 200,000 customers annually.

Email : emaj@input1.com