Pay in Full (BaaS Single Pay)

Simplified Payment Solution

Input 1 helps carriers and MGAs modernize their payment administration by seamlessly managing the receivables of their pay in full accounts. Our BaaS Single Pay platform coupled with a customer-focused support team, allow insurance carriers and MGAs to provide policyholders with a frictionless single pay payment experience.

An easy-to-implement single pay solution


The Pay in Full (BaaS Single Pay) solution includes invoicing, digital payments via credit, debit, and ACH, and delinquency/cancellation notifications. Paper check payment processing is also available through our secure lockbox services. Input 1's customer care team accepts payments over the phone and manages all billing-related questions.

BaaS Single Pay Benefits

Benefits to the Insurance Company, MGA and Agent

Seamless integration

Client-branded payment portal

Automated disbursement of funds to multiple parties

Notice delivery

Automated reporting

Benefits to the Policyholder

Email and text message reminders

Payment is processed immediately

Eliminate the risk of policy cancellation

No bills or notices to worry about

Possible premium discount for paying in full

The Input 1 Billing as a Service (Single Pay) Guide

Single premium collection has never been easier.

Processing insurance premiums can be a significant business challenge. This BaaS Single Pay guide shows how your insurance business can simplify its single premium payment process, reduce internal workload, ensure each payment transaction is accurately processed, and know that funds are distributed correctly.

Download our BaaS Single Pay guide and discover how it can significantly improve your insurance business and the customer experience.