Traditional Premium Finance

gotoPremiumFinance, a division of Input 1, is a top-rated direct premium finance company for both commercial and consumer borrowers that is licensed to conduct premium finance business in all 50 states.

Customer mobile view on the Premium Billing System

The Platform for Premium Finance Success


The success of your insurance business is a cornerstone of our business model. As such, we believe in providing our partners with the service and tools to help grow your business and make your life easier in today's on-demand environment.

Integrated cross-marketing program

Cancellation avoidance program

Client-branded omni-channel portals

Comprehensive self-service tools

Dedicated broker support team

Paperless e-submission

Digital signatures accepted

Flexible down payment terms

Text message and email alerts

Down payment collection via credit/debit/ACH

One-time and recurring payment options

Revenue participation*

* Revenue participation is only available in states where permitted.

Simplify Your Premium Finance Billing with Standard APIs


Insurance Carriers and MGAs can seamlessly provide a billing option through our standard API. Your company can in turn provide agencies and insureds with a simple-to-use, paperless, and highly competitive installment payment option at the point-of-sale.

No distracting use of third-party portals. No need to make calls to a back-office. No need to print agreements for wet signatures.

Integration request via Standard API