Software as a Service (SaaS)

The Standard in Premium Finance Software

What Input 1's Software as a Service Can Do For You

Companies operating a premium finance business or starting a premium finance company need look no further than the Premium Billing System. Its comprehensive features and intuitive interface streamlines operations and enhances the agent and policyholder experience.

Simplified Automation

The automated features in our SaaS solution eliminate many manual and time-consuming functions and significantly reduce overhead costs.

Anywhere, Anytime Functionality

PBS is a cloud-based platform that provides 24/7 omni-channel (mobile phone, tablet, and computer) access to agents and policyholders. PBS has a 99.99% uptime rating.

System Scalability

Input 1's SaaS solution meets premium finance management needs at any stage of a company's growth and is used by companies with a yearly volume of $1 million to over $7 billion.

Legacy-Proof Software

This SaaS solution is evergreen technology. It is updated every month with feature enhancements and experience improvements at no additional cost to our clients. This means that your systems are never outdated.

Live Technical Support

Say goodbye to unreliable technical support and the frustration of downtime. Input 1's SaaS platform provides a rapid response to questions and problems.

Total Payment Solution

PBS solves the entire account receivable process, removing most analog and manual processes and streamlining premium billing and collections.

Software development is about listening to what customers have to say and responding to their needs quickly and professionally.

It's about listening to the feedback of everyday users and building solutions that make them more effective.

This is how we think about our business. This is how we serve our customers.TODD GREENBAUM, President and CEO, Input 1

The Input 1 Software as a Service Guide

Selecting the right premium finance software can change the trajectory of your business. Input 1's SaaS solution is a highly configurable software that delivers everything your business needs to compete and grow.

Download our Input 1 Software as a Service guide to see everything it can do for you.