A Fully Configurable Turn-Key Solution for Your Premium Finance Company

Input 1 delivers the most comprehensive third-party administration service in the industry to firms looking to gain knowledge and assistance in running their premium finance company. Insurance companies, Managing General Agents (MGAs), existing premium finance companies, and financial entities (banks, thrifts, and credit unions) have all called on Input 1 to assist in handling the day-to-day administration of their premium finance business.

  • Customer Service
  • Accounting
  • Business Services
  • Technology

Quoting (New and AP Quotes)


New and Renewal Loan Processing

Remittance Processing


Remittance Processing


Daily Proof of Cash

File Transfers


Optional Unaudited Financial Statement Preparation

Notice Generation and Delivery

Statutory Notices/Correspondence

Management Level Reporting

Online Client-Branded Portals for All Parties

Automatic System Updates Every 30 Days

Hosted On a Tier 1 SaaS Platform

Key Benefits of Input 1's Premium Finance Third-Party Administration

By partnering with Input 1, firms can focus on core business objectives and growing sales rather than worrying about the day-to-day operations of a premium finance business.

Rapid Deployment

Setting up a premium finance operation can be a daunting process that often requires extensive inlay of time and resources. Input 1 delivers a proven infrastructure that is turn-key, configurable, and client-branded.

Modern Technology

Our clients have access to the industry's premier cloud-based premium finance software. It is a user-friendly platform that is regularly updated and is highly configurable to meet the needs of any size company.

Cost Control

Companies experience significant savings by not having to deal with business logistics such as staffing, continuing education, human resources, creating or updating software, licensing, expanded office space, and office supplies and equipment.

Customer Experience

Input 1 makes substantial investments in training our support teams to ensure that the services our clients and their customers receive are professional, customer-centered, and best-in-class.

Vendor Expertise

We deliver years of experience in providing this type of service to the industry. Input 1 can help you get started quickly and can offer you sound consultation on how to run a successful premium finance business.

Nationwide Licensing

Input 1 has a statutory licensing team to help you get licensed in any state where it's required for you to do business, removing the administrative burden off your hands.

$500M+ in premium finance business serviced each year

37 Years delivering proven technology and services

130+ Clients serviced across multiple states

The Official Guide to Captive Premium Financing

Download this free Guide to Captive Premium Financing to exloper how to maximize your company growth potential during hard and soft insurance markets.

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