Dynamic Outsourcing Solutions

Focus on the Essentials and Leave the Rest to Us


Input 1’s premium finance outsourcing solutions have been helping insurance carriers, agents and banks to build and grow premium finance profit centers for over 30 years.

Our premium finance offering allows sellers of insurance (retail agents, wholesale agents, insurance carriers) and other financial entities (banks, thrifts, credit unions, etc...) to build a brand new financing arm which will improve customer engagement and increase revenue per transaction.

Existing premium finance companies can outsource to focus on growing sales and remain confident that the servicing arm of their business will remain professional, adaptive, current and relevant.

Our solution is completely responsive to each portfolio.  We handle everything from how the telephone interaction with your customers is handled, to what the invoices look like and how much you charge for your services. There is no limit to the lengths we will go to drill down and create a service offering that is unique to your organization.

Outsourcing can deliver many benefits to an organization, not the least of which is saving valuable time otherwise spent on hiring, educating, and maintaining a staff. Our clients reduce capital expenditures, remain technologically current, and always retain complete leadership and control of their businesses!

Through i1Core, we carry many all-encompassing billing solutions including the number one premium finance software on the market, the Premium Billing System.  Or, check out our full-service SaaS insurance billing suite that seamlessly plugs into your core system to provide a complete billing, notice delivery and payment acceptance program, i1Billing. Perhaps you're looking for an out-of-the-box mobile insurance billing app?  Look no further than i1Core Mobile. All of these products can be up and running in no time!  Call us or sign up for a demo, today.  No matter the need, we have a powerful solution.  


Benefits of Outsourcing

Stop Managing Your Business and Start Building It


Reduce Time to Market

Outsourcing provides a rapid turnkey solution for the servicing component of your operation. The benefit in time-savings alone can be significant.

Manage Results

Focus on the results of the operation rather than day-to-day tasks. Enable your key managers and executives to concentrate on business development and sales.

Reduce Capital Expenses

Avoid costly expansion. Input 1 continues to make substantial investments in people and IT infrastructure to ensure that our services remain best-in-class and directly improve customer engagement and customer satisfaction.

Focus on Technology

We are making advancements to our software system every day. We are continually improving speed, reliability and security. We build new features, new management reports and greater data mining capabilities monthly. Our focus on technology makes your business stronger. Because when your management and sales staff has better access to data they'll make better decisions.

Put Services on Autopilot

It's Simple: Work Less and Earn More


  • Highly professional call center technicians respond to your customer inquiries immediately.
  • Premium finance quotes are created on demand.
  • Underwriting new loan applications ensures that your collateral is intact.
  • Notice fulfillment is managed with great care to ensure compliance with all regulations wherever you operate.
  • Collection services ensure that your account balances are recovered in a timely manner.
  • Refunds and expiring loan services ensure that accounts are closed out timely and properly.
  • Web portal for agents, GAs, and carriers gives your customers access to their data and the ability to serve their policyholders with great ease and flexibility.
  • Referral fee services allow you to build unique fee programs which will help you attract new customers and remain creatively ahead of the competition.
  • General correspondence services means that we handle all incoming communication for any reason, timely and professionally, so that your customers know they are important.

For more information on what our premium finance outsourcing services can do for your business, please call 888.882.2554 ext.2135 or send us an email at sales@input1.com today!

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