Simplified Growth Acceleration

Input 1 makes it possible for insurers and MGAs to create operational efficiency and focus their attention on core business objectives by seamlessly managing the receivables of pay-in-full accounts. With our modern and intuitive solution, expert support team, and client-branded portals, Insurance Companies, MGAs and Agents can all provide customers an exceptional one-time payment experience.

A full featured and easy to implement pay in full solution


Our pay-in-full service includes payments via credit, debit, and electronic check (ACH). Paper checks are also available through our secure lockbox services. Furthermore, we have a professional domestic customer care team that can accept phone payments and manage all billing related questions if needed.

Pay-in-Full Benefits

Benefits to the Insurance Company, MGA and Agent

Seamless Integration

Client-Branded Payment Portal

Automated Disbursement of Funds to Multiple Parties

Statutory Notice Delivery

Automated Reporting

Benefits to the Insured

Email and text message reminders

Payment is processed immediately

Eliminate the risk of policy cancellation

No fees or finance charges

No bills or notices to worry about

Possible premium discount for paying in full

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