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Accurate Premium Financial Services to employ Input 1's Premium Finance Software and Services to Launch its Premium Financing Business

Accurate Premium Financial Services to employ Input 1's Premium Finance Software and Services to Launch its Premium Financing Business

WOODLAND HILLS, CA.- Accurate Premium Financial Services, based in Paterson New Jersey, announced today that it has chosen Input 1, a leading provider of digital billing and payment solutions, as their premium finance software provider.


“We took our time vetting software providers whom we felt could help us grow our company. We had a list of specific requirements that included a proven track record of successfully run premium finance operations, an easy-to-use billing and payments platform that is modern and wholly digital, and a knowledgeable support staff that can be counted on to provide us with the level of service we expect. Ultimately, we selected Input 1 because they answered all our needs and more.", said Venizelos Papadopulos, CEO of Accurate Premium Financial Services, "With Input 1, we know that our premium finance business will be in good hands."


“We are excited to be providing Venizelos and his team at Accurate Premium Financial Services, with our industry-leading, cloud-based platform, Premium Billing System ('PBS')," said Chris Farfaras, Executive Vice President and Chief Sales and Marketing Officer of Input 1. "They knew what they wanted in a software provider, and we knew we could deliver the solution to fit their specific needs. Agencies, MGAs, and insureds doing business with Accurate Premium Financial Services will have access to a modern, cloud-based, digital billing and payments platform to manage their accounts from anywhere and at any time. Their agents will be able to swiftly quote financing terms, send out electronic premium finance agreements, and accept digital signatures for a completely contactless and fast funding experience. Furthermore, should Accurate Premium Financial Services need to speak with someone, they can always depend on receiving exceptional support from our domestic support center."


About Accurate Premium Financial Services

Founded in 2018, and headquartered in Paterson, New Jersey, Accurate Premium Financial Services is a privately owned and operated premium finance company serving Independent Insurance Agents and MGAs. Accurate Premium Financial Services provides full-service premium financing to clients of all sizes.


About Input 1, LLC

For over 35 years, Input 1 has been providing billing services and payment solutions to insurance carriers, MGAs, banks, and premium finance companies, located throughout North America. The company's premium finance software and internet services provide online access to more than one million agents, brokers, and policyholders annually.

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