The Premium Billing System

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Introducing the most sophisticated premium finance receivable tracking system ever created. PBS significantly reduces the deployment, maintenance, and operational costs for finance companies. Delivered over a stable and proven platform, with an intuitive user interface, PBS eliminates the need to spend time and money to build an enterprise application.


PBS was created by premium finance professionals, not by developers or consultants that know little of important operational details. We use our product everyday – the very same system that our customers trust. As a result, PBS has rapidly evolved into the most efficient, user-friendly, and customer-focused product on the market.


Capital expenditures and resources are difficult to come by, so firms need to look for robust software solutions that require less time to implement. Having access to a knowledgeable and experienced technical team is equally important. Input 1 delivers all of this with the PBS product. Make the smart investment in your future!

Elegant Design


A modern, web-based client UI and a highly sophisticated data tier for rapid data retrieval, beautifully integrate with a powerful infrastructure on an intuitive, easy-to-use platform.

Intelligent Security


From inception, this system was built to protect against modern-day cyber-attacks. With full control over privileges and key access control components, it's the safest system on the market.

Limitless Flexibility


This global application allows for maximum automation and user-customization while minimizing the need for custom programming, inherently preserving both time and money.


Mobile Insurance Billing Services Included

Private-Labeled Insurance Installment Billing Services Are Now Mobile!

The percentage of people expected to make regular bill payments via a smartphone in 2017 is growing rapidly.  Insureds expect easy access to their account(s). Insurance carriers that can't deliver this technology will lose valuable business to their competitors that can. Input 1's white-labeled mobile website answers the call of this expectation. Our mobile solution is completely compatible with all iOS, Android, and Windows devices.  Empower your insureds and agents with the freedom and convenience they expect from an insurance carrier!

Account Search

Find any account at any time

Account Summary

All the detail you need

Payment History

A complete view of all payments

Policy Summary

Your need-to-know policy info


Retrieve and email documents

Make a Payment

Payments, made easy

Contact Us

Provide faster access to service


Portfolio access for all user types




Get Started: Get a Demo or Download The PBS Guide

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Premium Finance Software Guide

Intelligent decisions don't make themselves. We know it can be daunting to compare software products and services. Even if you find one that works, how can you be sure your company won't outgrow its capabilities? Let us personally explain the system and demonstrate the long-term value it was built to provide. Many of the largest industry-leading banks, insurance companies, and finance companies rely on the Premium Billing System. Call 888-882-2554 ext.2135 today!


Compare Premium Finance Software Products




A cloud-based management solution   
A complete mobile solution for all users
Outgoing documentation in Adobe PDF
Email tech support included
Group/permissions-based security system with screen-level control
Online feature request (submit custom programming requests online)
Export any report to Excel, HTML, or flat text file (fully formatted)
Over 100 user-configurable portfolio settings
Create unlimited quoting configurations, rate-chart, and referral fee parameters for any Agent, General Agent, or Carrier
Embedded follow-up memo system (memos can be assigned to any user and include follow-up dates)
User-configurable general ledger system including checking accounts with logos, second signature lines, and MICR line info
Unlimited rate index charts which provide high flexibility pricing options to agents (e.g., Prime, LIBOR, T-Bill based indexes)
Extensive import/export menu (e.g., Positive Pay, Disbursement Clearing, Lockbox, Export ACH, Import AM Best, Import FedACH, third party collection agency)
Integrated document imaging system supports internal documents
Integrated document imaging system supports external documents  
User-definable entity grouping system for logical grouping of Agents, General Agents, and Carriers for enhanced reporting  
Custom Report Builder  
Unlimited historical snapshots of any portfolio   
Automated day-end calendaring system  
Support for irregular installment schedules  
Comprehensive underwriting and entity authority tracking system   
User-definable reasons and descriptions for commonly performed tasks  
User-definable default values and rules for common data fields   
Collection module   
User-configurable notice schema, notice merging, and notice delivery options  
User-configurable report scheduler (i.e., any report can be run daily, weekly, monthly, or on a set date, with any criteria, and can be delivered to any email or fax)  
Draft-No-Loan and suspense accounts provide detailed tracking of cleared drafts, unidentified funds, or funds that arrive before a new account is booked.