An Innovative Approach to a Mainstream Product

Premium financing is used by hundreds of thousands of businesses throughout the United States every year. Its benefits include but aren't limited to: provides a single bill for multiple insurance products, requires little or no collateral, improves cash flow and, for retail agencies, it can provide increased revenue per transaction. gotoPremiumFinance is a nationwide premium finance company for both commercial and consumer borrowers. Our program delivers best-in-class technology along with intelligent customer service and support to help insurance agencies and carriers create more efficiencies and drive customer engagement.

Our software (widely regarded as the most sophisticated and advanced system in the industry), along with our servicing approach, makes our premium finance superior to the rest - but what truly separates gotoPremiumFinance from the competition is our ability to help our retail agency customers grow their business.

While premium finance revenue can enhance agency commissions, it can’t replace them. Selling a single policy can generate 10 times more revenue than the fee received for financing the next policy premium. Selling more insurance is where businesses see real benefits. While other premium finance lenders will simply pay a fee for a loan referral, we have created a program to help agencies sell more policies by marketing your brand in print and online.  

We don’t just service accounts at a good price and pay fees to our agencies; we provide an affiliate marketing program at no extra cost!

Our program has helped countless agencies build an online audience and grow their book of loyal customers. If effective search engine marketing seems illusive, our solution can help.

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Premium Finance Benefits

gotoPremiumFinance is a Partner that's Genuinely Interested in the Welfare of Your Customers and the Growth of Your Business


Instant Access


Our system displays real-time account data for you and the accountholders. You'll always have up-to-the-second account information.



Submit all your loans online, no more emails or phone calls required!

Payment Coupons


First payment notices are delivered directly to your customer at the point of sale.

Additional Premium Quoting


Simply choose an account, enter the additional premium figures, and submit it for processing.

Text & Email Alerts


Your accountholders get a text and an email 5 days before the cancellation date!

Online Payments


Provide a simple way to pay online with a credit card or a check.

Avoid Cancellations


Place a cancellation hold for up to 5 days in advance without having to notify us.

Account Details


Accountholders can access all the details about their account e.g., payment information, policy details and all notices.

Revenue Participation


Participate in the revenue of an account through a variety of options, which are paid monthly and in full.



Any report or notice can be automatically delivered to your inbox each day, saving you time and adding convenience.

Online File Cabinet


All notices are available online to increase efficiency while saving you time and money.

Convenient Funding


Funding is done via check or ACH and is accompanied by a daily report from us, detailing all transactions.

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