The most complete cloud-based premium finance software in the industry.

What the Premium Billing System Can Do For You

In today's environment, you need a premium finance platform that provides an exceptional user experience, meets all your management needs, and makes running your operations easier.

Simplified Automation

The automated features in PBS eliminate many manual and time-consuming functions, reducing overhead operational costs by 25% or more.

Anywhere, Anytime Functionality

It provides full user-focused account access and self-service tools accessible on all web-connected devices.

System Scalability

The PBS system is designed to meet your premium finance management needs at any stage of growth. It is currently used by hundreds of finance companies across the nation, who have yearly production volume that ranges in size from $500k to over $7 billion.

Legacy-Proofed Software

PBS has regularly scheduled feature enhancements and updates every 30 days, at no additional cost. This means you will always have the latest version and never have outdated software.

Readily Available Software and Technical Support

Say goodbye to inadequate technical support and the frustration of downtime. PBS has a 99.9% uptime rate. But if you still need assistance, you can count on our support team to respond quickly instead of having to wait for a reply.

Total Payment Solution

PBS removes many of the analog administrative processes involved with account receivables. It also allows monthly payment invoices to be created and sent, and down payments and installment payments to be processed via credit/debit/ACH.

Software development is about listening to what customers have to say and responding to their needs quickly and professionally.

It's about listening to the feedback of everyday users and building solutions that make them more effective.

This is how we think about our business. This is how we serve our customers.TODD GREENBAUM, President and CEO, Input 1

Premium Finance Software Guide

Unlimited Productivity

Your premium finance business is unique and selecting the right premium finance software for your company is no small task. The Premium Billing System is a highly configurable software that offers everything your business needs to compete and grow. Download our Premium Billing System Guide to review its capabilities and contact us to schedule a live demonstration.

Download the PBS Guide

If you are interested in how Input 1's Premium Billing System (PBS) can support and complement your premium finance business, request a live demo: