Billing-as-a-Service (BaaS)

Complete direct bill/installment bill services for Insurance Companies and MGAs

Input 1 is a dynamic and flexible billing and payments service provider — it delivers a perfect balance of software and customer support services that reduce capital outlay by eliminating the need to onboard excess operational or IT resources.

Every aspect of the billing cycle is meticulously managed, the service center and billing portals deliver meaningful metrics that accurately predict and automatically prepare your business for growth.  But great technology and informed data delivery are only half the battle!  

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What can I expect from the start?

  • Unbeatable pricing model
  • Up and running in less than 90 days
  • Fastest and simplest integration available
  • Better customer engagement & modern touchpoints
  • Full-service call center with KPI reporting
  • Broker commission handling and payments
  • Notice delivery (electronic or paper)

Mobile Insurance Billing


It's Mobile, are you?

The Input 1 Billing solution allows clients and agents to manage accounts and make payments from any device. Your customers demand more, so complete mobile access comes standard with no additional cost. 

Modern Interface + Intelligent Features



Enterprise Service for Insurance Carriers & MGAs

Looking for the most comprehensive and streamlined solution in the P&C marketplace? Our technology, expert staff, and results-driven service center deliver exactly what you and your customers demand in a rapidly-evolving environment. Here are just a few of the available features:

Customer & Broker Access

  • Mobile app
  • 24/7 Account info
  • Automated reporting
  • Document Retrieval
  • Broker commission info
  • Credit, debit, & ACH payments

Notice Delivery

  • Welcome letter
  • Invoice
  • Endorsement letter
  • Intent to cancel
  • Cancellation
  • Reinstatement


  • Lockbox file
  • ACH file
  • Payment Invoices
  • Recurring payments
    • Credit
    • Debit
    • ACH

We Take Customer Service to the Next Level


Predictive Client Analytics and the Science of Service KPIs

Is data-driven performance a top priority? When improving customer service, it should be.

"Our full-service call center provides the analytics you need to make better decisions." -Todd Greenbaum, CEO at Input 1

Leveraging micro-trends in customer behavior enables preemptive adjustments to critical staffing and call-volume fluctuations—this leads to better engagement and happier clients.

Every company likes to boast about providing great customer service, but can they actually deliver it? Data-driven performance is where Input 1 pulls away from the competition and helps bridge the gap between where you are and where you need to be.

Throughout the lifecycle of an account, meaningful metrics are derived from every aspect of our service. This statistical analysis reveals data or Key Performance Indicators that are closely examined and acted upon to reduce customer wait times, reduce abandonment rate, and improve workflow. These analytics also highlight microtrends in customer service and can accurately forecast even minor fluctuations in volume and staffing needs. What does this all mean? Simply stated, we make adjustments to address service issues before they occur. The end result is dramatically improved customer service, engagement, and retention for your company.



Abandonment Rate

The percentage of callers who hang up before being connected to a live representative

Average Queue Time

The average time that a caller has to wait before speaking with a live representative

Average Handle Time

The average time spent on each call, expertly handling the client's needs

Service Level

The percentage of calls answered before being passed to the automated Voice Response Service

Experience Mobile Insurance Billing


Deliver mobile options your clients will love

The percentage of people expected to make regular bill payments via a smartphone in 2017 is growing rapidly.  Insureds expect easy access to their account(s). Insurance carriers that can't deliver this technology will lose valuable business to their competitors that can. Input 1's white-labeled mobile website answers the call of this expectation. Our insurance billing software interface is completely mobile-ready & compatible with all iOS, Android, and Windows devices.  Empower your insureds and agents with the freedom and convenience they expect from an insurance carrier!

Account Search

Find any account at any time

Account Summary

All the detail you need

Payment History

A complete view of all payments

Policy Summary

Your need-to-know policy info


Retrieve and email documents

Make a Payment

Payments, made easy

Contact Us

Provide faster access to service


Portfolio access for all user types

Bottom Line: Billing Should Maximize Engagement


Still not convinced? 

We've streamlined the entire process and removed the complexities of maximizing the enterprise value of touchpoints. The touchpoints we generate truly enable insurance carriers to nurture customer affinity and grow their company.

We transform your first-time customers into lifetime customers!

The outsourcing platform expertly produces results by delivering on major opportunities for interaction, such as: invoices, reminders, emails, and mobile management. We'll help you craft these touchpoints to successfully cross-market your products and services, build brand awareness, and align your product offerings with your customers' needs. Gain a highly-competitive edge by dramatically increasing the impact and frequency of these valuable interactions.  Through our program, businesses can:

  • Initiate important and ongoing conversations with their customers
  • Successfully predict their customers' needs
  • Accurately align a brand with their customers' goals
  • Form deeper connections with clients
  • Demonstrate unwavering dependability

FACT: Touchpoints should be differentiating you from competitors, building product-knowledge, and increasing brand-loyalty—if they aren't, call us today about a demo. Let us show you what a difference billing can make.

Get Started: Get a Demo or Download The Insurance Billing Guide

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Insurance Installment Bill Services The Complete Guide

What Sets Us Apart from the Competition?

  • Commitment to Customer Engagement.
  • A dynamite Mobile Billing platform!
  • Valuable Predictive Metrics.