The Premium Billing System - Warranty Version

Catering to the Specialized Needs of Warranty Companies


The most sophisticated premium finance receivable tracking system is also available in a Warranty Edition. For those firms looking to provide premium financing to their accountholders in the vehicle service contract (VSC) space, look no further than PBS. Since 1998, Input 1 has been providing warranty companies the most comprehensive and intuitive finance application the industry has ever seen. The PBS Warranty Edition provides the flexibility to share data with customer fulfillment systems, build intricate discount schedules, setup recurring credit card payments, track reserves, and more.

Input 1’s sales and software team has a vast knowledgebase and understanding of how transactions in this market segment are supposed to work and makes sure that your implementation will serve the needs of your customers and your organization.

With billions spent annually on service contracts for motor vehicles, more and more firms are capitalizing on the VSC market...Input 1 will show you how to PBS can be the backbone of a the comprehensive warranty financing solution.

For more information on what the PBS Warranty Edition can do for your business, please call 888.882.2554 ext.2135 or send us an email at sales@Input1.com today!


Derived from Common Sense

Every Business Should Run this Smoothly


Flexible Discounts


Set up custom Discount and Refund schedules for each relationship.

Online Payments


Set up a recurring credit card option for accountholders

Automated Contract Import


Automatic importing of contracts from 3rd party fulfillment applications that saves you time and money.

Reserve Tracking


Aggregate and track reserves for Dealers and Administrators.

Integrated Voice Response


PBS can integrate with your IVR to provide account information and payment options.

Automated Report Delivery


Schedule dealer and administrator reports to be delivered automatically daily, weekly or monthly.


Intelligent Business Moves

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