Three Convenient Options

Premium Finance Software

Premium Billing System (PBS), the most heralded and industry leading platform, to run your business in-house.

Third-Party Administration

All the bells and whistles of our PBS application, along with our world-class support staff, so you can concentrate on growth and profits!

Traditional Premium Finance

A simple and convenient home to place your commercial/consumer premium finance. Available in all 50 states.

Trusted by some of the most discerning names in the Insurance and Finance Space

Providing Flexibility that Premium Finance Companies Demand


Flexibility is the key in an ever-changing marketplace. No other vendor provides every option for premium financing. Some firms simply want state-of-the-art software to run their business with their own staff. Enter the Premium Billing System (PBS). Still others may prefer to outsource the technology and backend functions to industry experts. That's where Input 1's Third-Party Administration Model comes in.

Lastly, you may simply have the need for a competitive premium financing company which integrates directly with your management and core systems and removes manual processes and inefficiency from the transaction. Input 1's traditional premium finance model fills the need. Whether you're an existing premium finance company, bank, insurance company, MGA, retail agent or an independent firm looking to enter the space, Input 1 can give you the confidence to get there quickly with the greatest chance of success and the most flexibility in the industry.

Gain the capability to write business
throughout the United States


Statutory Licensing Help

If you're just starting off or you have the need to expand your geographic footprint, let Input 1 assist you in the process with our experienced licensing team. Our consulting services include the preparation of all forms and paperwork needed for your licensing application and the ongoing communication with the state regulatory body. We have secured over 350 licenses for clients in every state in the U.S.

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Placement of Premium Financing in Non-Licensed States

For those companies looking to place premium finance business in states where they are not licensed yet or where there's not enough business to warrant the licensing process, Input 1 provides access to its nationwide premium finance facility at pre-negotiated buy-rates and terms. Additionally, client-branded financing is available through our in-house program in most states which in turn allows you to promote your brand and maintain or increase your customer affinity.

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