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PIA Southern Alliance launches Professional Agents Funding through Input 1

PIA Southern Alliance launches Professional Agents Funding through Input 1

The Professional Insurance Agents (PIA) Southern Alliance has announced the launch of a new premium finance solution called Professional Agents Funding. With assistance from Input 1, an insurance technology and service leader, this solution aims to provide PIA members and their policyholders with an exclusive and highly competitive premium finance program. The program's goal is to modernize the experience for all parties involved and provide industry-leading self-service tools, automated reporting capabilities, cross-marketing opportunities, and reliable customer support.

The PIA Southern Alliance recognizes the need to provide its members with value, scale, and advantages they cannot find anywhere else. "By offering a premium financing solution, the Alliance can help members capture revenue, improve their bottom line, and simplify their businesses. The new program will strengthen the membership offering, providing members with a premium financing vehicle they need to support their clients," said Jerry Duke, President of PIA Southern Alliance. "The Input 1 partnership will allow PIA members to access a modern technology platform that streamlines the financing of their agency bill business while gaining a best-in-class customer service infrastructure."

With over 30 years of experience, Input 1 will provide the necessary expertise to ensure a successful business venture. "The partnership will enable PIA members to offer their customers a complete payment solution that delivers a seamless and secure digital payment experience supporting credit/debit card and ACH payments. This will allow customers to have the financial flexibility to make the most of their budget, reduce up-front costs, and deliver the customer service required to ensure policies remain in good standing," said Bruce Mackinson of Input 1. "Overall, the new premium finance solution will benefit PIA members and their policyholders by providing them with a modern and streamlined way to finance their insurance premiums."

About PIA Southern Alliance

PIA Southern Alliance is the premier independent agency association that promotes the prosperity of its members through quality products and services. Our alliance protects independent agencies in Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi by promoting the highest standard of care for consumers and the insurance industry as a whole.

About Input 1

Input 1 is a leading provider of cloud-based solutions for the insurance industry. Drawing on advanced technology and a proven history of successfully managing $16 billion in annual premiums managed across our platforms for over 2 million unique annual users, Input 1's solutions streamline billing, payments, and premium finance to make insurance management efficient and hassle-free.

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